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Hello Kitty mosquito repellent bracelet

Posted by Happi BeBe Wholesale at 4:06 PM

Price : RM8

Color : Pink, White, Blue
Wholesale Price : RM4.50 per piece, Minimum purchase 2 pieces **T&C apply
Mosquito repellent bracelet are one of the ideal products for outdoor/indoor protection against mosquitoes and bugs.
This mosquito repellent bracelet are effective for a minimum of 12 hours and up to a week or even longer.
Therefore they are recommended for outdoor activities such as boating, camping, golfing, jogging, fishing, hunting, gardening etc.

Mosquito repellent bracelet come in different colors and can be worn on wrist, ankle, attached to belt buckle, shoe laces and baby stroller.

Natural citronella oil are used as the ingredient in this mosquito repellent bracelet.It is safe for infants and adult.
For children below 3, kindly use under adults supervision. This product are not meant to be eaten.

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