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Mosquitoe Repellent Bracelet

Selling at RM6.00
Wholesale Price : RM4.00, minimum purchase 2 pieces

Few Colors to choose.

Bugslock Size
BUGSLOCK is developed for human protection against disease carrying mosquitoes. This product is best used by wearing it on the wrist or ankle or just hang it on a bag strap.

How To Use
  1. Tear off or cut with scissor the upper portion of the package as indicated.
  2. Set the button into the hole to fit users wrist or ankle.
  3. Users' can stores or zip them back into the package to obtain longer lasting effectiveness of the product.

NO more Mosquitoes

Suitable for Fishing, Picnic, Camping, Hiking, Outdoor activities, Golfing, Skating, Climbing, gardening, Indoor activities and etc
 Hello Kitty Mosquito repellent bracelet
Selling at RM8.00
Wholesale Price : RM4.50, minimum purchase 2 pieces

Can be reuse as decoration items

3 colors, White, Pink and Blue

  1. In case of skin irritation or itchiness to the exposed region, stop wearing the band. Do not scratch, simply clean it with soap and water.
  2. Any person sensitive or allergic to cosmetic please do not use the product
  3. The effectiveness of the product will be lessen when used with cosmetics, perfume and alcohol.
  4. If you feel stinging sensation due to accidental eye contact, flush it with enough water. Do not rub the area.
  5. Although severe allergic reaction is rare, symptoms like redness due to inflammation should be consulted with a physician.

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